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    All the information you need to manage your office.

    Save time and increase profits

    Gain more time for design. Have a quick view of costs and revenues in projects with a clear interface. Get a complete picture of expenses incurred and revenue received. Analyzing your team's labor costs will help you answer the most important question: Is the project still profitable? You'll easily match project teams to project budgets, allowing you to predict labor costs. In addition, each employee will record what they worked on and how long they worked on it, and you'll gain quick insight into what financial health the project is in and what stage it's at.

    Deliver profitable projects on time

    Can you answer the questions: How many man-hours has the project or phase already consumed? When is the handover of documentation? Who is working on the project? timecube will allow you to reduce the number of unknowns and answer these questions quickly, so you can minimize risk and make the right business decisions. Thanks to profitability forecast you will finally know the financial condition of particular projects at each project stage. An additional advantage is that we continue to develop and listen to the needs of our customers. We are currently working on another module of the application that will help you in project valuation.

    Streamline your office

    Unplanned staff absences can disorganize office operations. Calendar and approval of leave requests will give you a quicker overview of the situation and give your team time to share additional responsibilities.

    No more spreadsheets

    Do you have too much information to remember? Tables to fill out in spreadsheets overwhelm you and your team? Additionally, data analysis requires creating numerous formulas and updating them. timecube will help you solve these problems by giving you quick answers to the following questions: How many profitable days of work does my team have left on the project? What is the estimated profit of the project or phase as of today and as of the completion date?

    Timecube users have already saved

    hours in projects

    Created by architects.

    Working as architects in design offices and running our own office for 5 years, we encountered many problems related to project valuations and estimating their profitability. Creating numerous spreadsheets and analyzing data consumed a lot of time, hence the idea to create a program adapted to the Polish realities of work, easy to use and answering the most important question: is the project still profitable?

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